Happy Meal at Yac Donalds

A story about, “A HAPPY MEAL”,

A HAPPY MEAL is prepared from local products to meet tourists’ flavours , healthy  and  consists of:

  • Burger’s meat patties – made from high altitude animal yak,
  • Buns – baked from local wheat grinded at 15th century water mill,
  • Fries potatoes and vegetables – locally grown organically,
  • Seabuckthorn juice – extracted from berries that are grown wildly in the region.


  • Happy Meal makes customers / guests / tourist happy because they get to eat real healthy chemical free food
  • Economic benefit for local yak herders by selling yak and this encourage them to expand yak farming business.
  • The local community is happy because they benefit economically and encourage them to preserve 15th century water mills food processing to visitors wanting cultural and heritage learning opportunities.
  • Seabuckthorn are collected and extracted by local women group which gives women a job and income secure.
  • Locally grown farm products such as potatoes, vegetable and wheat helps local farmers economically and encourage them to practice more farming.
  • Locally produced food reduces economic leakage and save the distance of food miles travel from farm to plate, this benefits Yac donalds economically and helps environmentally to reduce carbon footprint.

At the end everybody is in win-win situation and makes everybody HAPPY HAPPY